About The Author

Crack Between The Worlds - by Carmen Stenholm

  My life began in Europe, behind the iron curtain just four years after the end of World War II. When I was nine years old, everything changed when my mother risked our lives to escape and bring me to America. The losses of country, family and self identity were balanced by kindness from people in every one of the many places my life has taken me.


What People Are Saying

  A Crack Between the Worlds is an engaging and inspiring story of four generations of mothers and daughters in a 20th Century German family. While the fathers are distant figures, either dead or gone, the women endure. This poignant story is lovingly dedicated to the strength and determination of the maternal line. It beautifully illustrates many of the principles revealed in Family Constellations. ~ Dan Booth Cohen, PhD, Psychologist/therapist and specialist in Family Constellations

  Stenholm weaves a beautiful story of the female spirit as her characters overcome tragedy and adversity that spans generations and continents. Crack evokes a myriad of emotions from jubilation and ectasy to unspeakable emptiness and heartbreak. The one constant is the strength the women find deep in themselves to survive and better their circumstances and those of their family. ~ Martine Marino, Physical Therapist, “MPT”

  Some of America's greatest sagas begin in far of places. Carmen Stenholm's first novel is a morphing portrait of three generations of German women as they grow up, grow strong, and grow beyond their societal expectations. Hanni, Mia, and Ella are colorful threads in a tapestry woven in Europe but decorating American walls. Frank. Loving. Beautiful. Historical fiction at it's best! ~ Joyce Faulkner, Author